November 23 2017, John Scotti

Have control of your Volvo at your fingertips

Simplify your life with Volvo on Call app designed for smartphones. This application offers several ways to control your Volvo remotely. This technology is available on all 2015.5 and later models.

Roadside Assistance

You can talk directly to an operator who can send you assistance at the location indicated by your GPS, and by pressing the "Volvo on Call" button of your vehicle or using the app.

Emergency aid

In an emergency, simply press an "SOS" button on the overhead console to ask for help and receive it quickly.

Automatic Collision Alert

When your Volvo is involved in a collision, it warns professional support services, which attempt to make contact with the vehicle and send the relevant emergency services at the scene.

Theft alert

If there is a suspicious intrusion into your Volvo, Volvo On Call is automatically alerted. And if your vehicle has been stolen, the GPS coordinates of your vehicle will be used to locate or secure it.

Drive comfortably

Remote start

The Volvo On Call app allows you to remotely control your Volvo's temperature using your smartphone. This app allows you to start your engine remotely to preheat your car in winter or cool it down in the summer from your device.

This app is downloadable for free on Appstore, Google Play and Windows phone store.

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