2019 VOLVO XC90

November 19 2018, John Scotti Volvo

2019 VOLVO XC90

This 2019 model of the XC90 is the largest presented by Volvo. Designed to fit in perfectly with the Chinese and North American markets, this XL size SUV is a wealth of technologycomfort and of course safety.

In fact, the Scandinavian manufacturer has mostly put forward all its experience to offer a vehicle with an incredible finish. Outside, the Volvo XC90 perfectly assumes its gauge. Imposing and robust, it is also elegant and sporty with dynamic curves and a luminous signature that gives real added value. Nothing would really let you feel it is much more better inside.

Actually, it is well inside this Volvo XC90 that everything happens. Impeccable finishes and  high quality materials. Plastics are also irreproachable both on their degree of finish and on their ecological side. Volvo no longer uses oil  in the plastics that make up its vehicles. The plastics will be recyclable when needed. But for now they are here to frame the fantastic control screen of this Volvo XC90 2019. Fantastic, because it is really the heart of this SUV. Almost everything is controlled from this screen - then so much better! Like a smartphone or a tablet, the settings are divided into different pages that are accessed by scrolling to the right or to the left. Screen handling is learned quickly and the search for settings is incredible simple. In addition to the settings, this screen can also manage smartphones connected via "Apple Car Play" or "Android Auto". Once your phone is connected to the USB port located at the center column, some phone applications such as Spotify or Siri can be accessible on the touchscreen.

Another important aspect inside this Volvo XC90 is: space! Indeed, this Volvo has an incredible living space in the passenger compartment. This SUV offers 7 seats according to the brochure,  and well,... it is true. These seats are all true seats, from the two front seats to the ones on the second bench. This Volvo XC90 should delight large families.

Once the exterior and interior aspects are reviewed, time now to the driving. And once again this Volvo XC90 is going to amaze some people. With a tare weight exceeding 4409 lbs, we may expect a very high fuel consumption and a feeling of lack of power. Well, not at all! Consumption is reduced to values that would make more than one  sedan envious. Imagine: more than 1,000 kms traveled, only two full of gasoline realized and an average consumption of  5,2L / 100km * !! Unthinkable when you give a close look to the characteristics of this XC90 but indeed it is real.

Ecological performance is made possible with the use of the hybrid technology available on this new Volvo XC90 T8. The electric motor offered on the rear axle allows several dozens of kilometers without using a liter of gasoline. Rechargeable in just 2 hours 30 minutes via a charging station, this XC90 could allow you to go to work in downtown Montreal and to go back home without consuming any fuel. Not only a step to save money but also a kind gesture to the environment.

In addition, this energy performance will allow you to benefit from the government rebate of up to $ 4,000.

In the automotive history, Volvo has always been going hand in hand with safety. This Volvo XC90 does not deviate from this rule by proposing several equipments:

  • the detection of pedestrians, cyclists and big animals at low or high speed, the anti-collision control will prevent or brake before impact with these three entities
  • line crossing detection
  • the semi-automatic pilot and the adaptive cruise control
  • the 360 camera
  • the blind spot sensor
  • and many others to be discovered.

Whether in terms of passive or active technologies, this Volvo XC90 offers increased safety for passengers.

The Volvo On Call application is also available as standard on the Volvo XC90 2019. Offered free of charge for 4 years, it can be used to start the XC90 remotely, to know the remaining autonomy, to plan a GPS route upstream and other options to be discovered.

Thus, Volvo XC90 justifies the numerous awards received at its release for its comfortsafety on board and the embedded technologies.

The price for the standard model with a T5 AWD engine is $ 61,165. This price does not include taxes, delivery and preparation. The government rebate is proposed on the T8 version equipped with the hybrid engine allowing it to get a discount of up to $ 4,000.

This new Volvo XC90 is available for a drive test at your John Scotti Volvo dealer in Montreal.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any quote for this Volvo XC90 2019.

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